Month: September 2021


Locked Mbappe! Real Madrid president himself admitted

September 26: When exactly will Real Madrid sign Mbappe? This has always been a stone in the hearts of Real Madrid fans. Recently, some Real Madrid fans stopped Real Madrid president Florentino’s car on the road. The aging Real Madrid president was also asked this question, but Florentino gave a response that finally put the stone in the hearts of the fans. He said the time to sign Mbappe is next year.

Kylian Mbappe

After the great Paris victory, the way of Kylian Mbappe celebration was controversial

In the French league, although Paris Saint Germain won all, the team’s problems were also very obvious. Bocetino did not complete the kneading of the greater Paris lineup, and on this premise, Bo Shu’s coaching ability was questioned. Real Madrid’s purchase of Kylian Mbappe at the summer window was not successful, but as the most expensive striker in the world, greater Paris did not throw Kylian Mbappe into the stands.