Mbappe is the absolute core of Greater Paris! Messi and Neymar should serve him!

Mbappe is the absolute core of Greater Paris! Messi and Neymar should serve him!
According to the latest news of French media on September 28, 2021, after the conflict between Mbappe and Neymar, some football experts believe that Mbappe should be the real ace of Greater Paris. Both Neymar and Messi, who signed in the summer, should serve the performance of Mbappe. It would be very foolish if bocetino wanted to marginalize Mbappe. From the current firepower in Greater Paris, Mbappe is definitely the most stable point of output. Neither Neymar nor Messi can be so stable. However, the stable output of Mbappe also makes Neymar feel some pressure. And the Brazilian doesn’t want his position to be replaced, so he didn’t pass to Mbappe before, which may also be the reason.

Both Neymar and Messi should serve Mbappe
In terms of current performance, Mbappe is definitely the most threatening point of Paris Saint Germain. But it is clear that pocetino has not found the right way to use Mbappe. Coupled with the isolation of Mbappe by the South American players represented by Neymar and Messi, Mbappe can pose a very limited threat to the other goalkeeper. Therefore, French football experts believe that both Neymar and Messi should serve Mbappe, rather than allowing Messi and Neymar to estimate that Mbappe’s actions continue. Messi is already a veteran, and Neymar’s current threat is not as good as Mbappe. If greater Paris does not insert the sharpest knife into the heart of the other team, how can Paris Saint Germain dominate the competition in the future? So Mbappe should be the core of Greater Paris.

Paris Saint GermainPocetino needs to adjust the team’s development strategy
If the former Mbappe and Neymar were the twin stars of Greater Paris, now Paris Saint Germain may need to make some adjustments. A team must accurately locate each player, such as whether Neymar needs to continue to partner with Mbappe. If Neymar wants to continue to isolate Mbappe, how greater Paris should deal with it needs to be considered. In fact, as the head coach, pocetino should clearly position Neymar, Mbappe and Messi.

As for how Neymar should cooperate with Mbappe, pocetino should also communicate with the players. In addition, when Messi is on the court, how the players should implement the established tactics should also be explained. If someone refuses to cooperate, pocetino should put the player directly on the bench. However, this is not the case in Greater Paris at present. Bocetino can’t even mobilize three people in the front line of the team. If this continues in Greater Paris, the consequences will be unimaginable. So pocetino must adjust his strategy.

Mbappe is the real ace of Greater Paris
For the stable output point of the team, greater Paris should give full play to its advantages. The current Mbappe is such a player. If greater Paris wants to achieve better development, pocetino should put Mbappe in the core position of the team, followed by Neymar, and Messi is after these two players. Instead of putting Neymar and Messi in front of mbape. You know, Messi and Neymar are no longer competitive. Of course, the sharpest knife of the team is Mbappe. If the team wants to pose the greatest threat to the other side, it should put Mbappe at the core. Whether Di Maria, Neymar or Messi should be placed in the second place, because the healthy development of the team needs to clarify a core! If several players are in the core position, the team can’t go far at all. However, today’s greater Paris does not seem to understand this problem at all, which directly leads to the continuous contradictions and disputes in Paris Saint Germain. However, once the tactics are arranged around Mbappe, the problem will be solved. Because after your core players are clear, other players just need to do as much assistance as possible.

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