After the great Paris victory, the way of Kylian Mbappe celebration was controversial

In the French league, although Paris Saint Germain won all, the team’s problems were also very obvious. Bocetino did not complete the kneading of the greater Paris lineup, and on this premise, Bo Shu’s coaching ability was questioned. Real Madrid’s purchase of Kylian Mbappe at the summer window was not successful, but as the most expensive striker in the world, greater Paris did not throw Kylian Mbappe into the stands.

After all, Messi’s joining made greater Paris want to create a NMM attack combination. Although this attack combination has not been coordinated very consistently, Messi was injured and Kylian Mbappe is in the front position, And didn’t provide much help for the team.

In the 7th round of the French league, Paris Saint Germain away challenged mace. Although the team achieved the leading advantage in the first 4 minutes, Neymar’s straight plug found icardi, and the latter’s push shot was cleared at the goal line, Ashraf’s make-up shot still helped greater Paris achieve an early lead. However, in 39 minutes, after losing the ball in Greater Paris, mace completed the goal with kuyat’s header through a corner shot and Gaye’s volley, and the two sides also returned to the same running line.

Kylian Mbappe

In the western half, great Paris had no bright spot on the offensive end and entered the injury stoppage time stage. Mace delayed time, Brown was sent off, and then members of mace’s coaching team got a red card and were sent off. In the fifth minute of stoppage time, great Paris finally completed the final kill. Neymar crossed the right side of the front court, and Ashraf cut the goal after receiving the ball, Helped Paris Saint Germain finally beat mace and won the final victory of the game.

Ashraf, who scored twice, became an important member of the victory of Greater Paris. However, after completing the winning goal, Kylian Mbappe’s celebration almost brewing a large-scale conflict between the two sides. Ashraf scored a winning goal, but Kylian Mbappe’s running and celebration style aroused doubts during the celebration. Because the French center did not directly run to the celebrating big Paris teammates, but first ran to mace goalkeeper ujija, which seemed to ridicule ujija in his speech, which also made the fallen ujija quite dissatisfied, and immediately got up and caught up.

Kylian Mbappe cleverly hid behind malkinios, while ujija was angry. Neymar, who didn’t know the inside story, didn’t hesitate. He went up and pushed ujija to the ground. The conflict between the two sides almost triggered a large-scale conflict between the two teams. In order to help Kylian Mbappe out, Neymar also got a yellow card for pushing down the other goalkeeper.

Messi missed the game due to injury, but Kylian Mbappe, who started the game, had no bright spots in the game. Not only that, the mockery of mace’s goalkeeper in the final stage also seemed very tasteless. Hide behind malkinios and watch Neymar push ukija to the ground. Kylian Mbappe hides behind and gloats. It’s really hard for people to understand the way small people succeed.

Although he is currently the most valuable player in the world, if Kylian Mbappe continues like this, I believe that even if he moves to Real Madrid, Kylian Mbappe’s future prospects will be put in question. At least in terms of character, Kylian Mbappe’s ridicule of the mace goalkeeper was completely unreasonable, which not only triggered the conflict between the two sides, but also gave Neymar a very wronged yellow card.

The most important thing for a player is his character on the court. Even if he has finished his victory over his opponent, he should not gloat. It seems that Kylian Mbappe still regards himself as a child in the game with mace. I’m afraid this performance is not a good thing for a long time.

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