Bocettino: Messi & Neymar & Angels cooperate tacitly. It takes time for Mbappé to join

September 21 – Paris Saint Germain will play away against mace. Paris Saint Germain coach pochettino attended the pre match press conference.

About the team

“I am very satisfied with our whole team and all the players (bocetino answered in less fluent French, then realized it was live broadcast, and he immediately changed back to English). We did well against a strong team like Lyon, and the players are happy that this time we played better against Lyon than last time.”

Is Messi’s early replacement related to his physical problems?

“The club has communicated with Messi. At that time, we saw him checking his knee. After a shot, he touched his knee again, and then we decided to replace him. I am very satisfied with his performance on the pitch, although he didn’t seize the goal opportunity. Although Messi didn’t score, he did very well.”

Are you surprised by the rumors of the world cup reform?

“No, I understand the situation and accept it. But we must first ensure the rest of the players and their health. As for replacing Messi in advance, after seeing him touch his knee, we think the best decision for him is to replace him, but of course, all great champions want to play all the time.”

Next, you will face an intensive schedule. Do you consider rotating?

“Yes, the schedule is very intensive before the international match day, and we have made some plans. However, the most important thing is always the next game, the health of the players, which is higher than the result of the game. We always want to win the next game and keep at the top of the table.”


Mbappé touched the ball less in the game last weekend. How do you think to adjust it?

“It’s a good question. We need to spend some time running in in training, not just in the game. In the game against Lyon, we used a 4-2-3-1 formation, which is different from the formation we used in previous games, and that’s why I’m satisfied with the team’s performance. Our defense is well organized and we kept a high position “Messi, Neymar and di Malia know each other very well and they have established a very good relationship. Now we must involve Mbappé, which will take some time (ET maintenant IL faut int é grer Kylian et ç a Ca prendre UN PEU de temps.)

What role do you think vernaldum played in the game?

“Vinaldum doesn’t have a lot of pre-season training, so he needs some time to adjust. At the same time, the time of pre-season training is also very important for settling down his family, and these things will affect your season performance. However, we must always be patient with the new players and help them settle down with their family.”

How’s Mendez?

“Nuno Mendes joined at the last minute and didn’t practice with the team too much.”

In the position of full back, do you think attack is more important or defense is more important?

“It depends more on the tactics of both sides. We must find a balance between attack and defense, but I hope the players at full back can have strong offensive ability in the future.”

Space for young players

“It’s not easy for young people to train hard and impress people. However, we prefer to tap the potential from youth training rather than introduce young players from other teams. It takes some time. Our goal is to win the competition, especially the Champions League, and the core is to have enough youth players. And it takes several years.”

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