A word from the manager may accelerate Mbappe’s departure from the team

This summer’s football transfer window, Ligue 1 domination has two topics hotly debated by fans: 1. superstar Lionel Messi free to join the team; 2. future star Mbappe may be transferred to Real Madrid. Fortunately Paris did not let Mbappe go, the French star in the new season still show strong strength, 6 rounds of Ligue 1 and 1 Champions League match, Mbappe got 4 goals and 4 assists data, but also participate in the team’s attack in every game. Slow Messi instead failed to meet the expectations of fans, with 3 games of 0 goals and plagued by injuries, which may affect the late play.

Paris Saint-Germain won 6 straight league games and drew 1-1 with Brugge in the Champions League. No matter whether Neymar and Messi played or not, Mbappe was an important “leg” in the team. The direct contribution to the team, Mbappe involved in the goals (goals + assists) for 8, Messi involved in the goals for 0, data 8-0 but still need to be integrated into the team, this is the meaning of the manager Pochettino, the league against Metz before the conference said.


Apparently, Paris Saint-Germain boss Pochettino’s remarks drew heat. He said, “There is a good understanding between Neymar, Messi and Di Maria and it will take time to integrate Mbappe.” Mbappe has been playing for Paris for four years, he and Neymar and Di Maria have also been partners for four years, if there is no tacit understanding between the three, Paris Saint-Germain will become the dominant player in Ligue 1 for three consecutive years? Not to mention the Champions League final and semi-finals in succession.

So it is nonsense to say that Mbappe has not yet integrated, and this sentence will also push Mbappe to leave the team. No. 1, Mbappe’s contribution is big enough, but in the team’s salary ranked third, less than Messi almost double, the former has been dissatisfied with the salary treatment; No. 2, Messi’s joining makes Mbappe let out the familiar winger position, more appear in the position of the center forward, let out nearly half of the firing rights (average 4.2 shots per game down to about 2 times).

No. 3, Real Madrid is growing better than Paris, not only has Benzema, Modric and other veterans with excellent strength, but also Vinicius, Camavinga, Rodrigo and other potential new stars. On the contrary, Paris has a more aging lineup, and if they can’t get good results in two years, they will struggle even more in the next.

The above three reasons show that Mbappe already has the intention to leave Paris, perhaps before also willing to renew the contract for one more year, Pochettino’s words make Mbappe completely “cold heart”. Perhaps in the heart of the manager, Neymar, Messi and Di Maria are the most important trident. Although the summer window did not leave, Mbappe has a high probability of joining Real Madrid in the winter transfer window, which can also bring some transfer income to the team.

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