Real Madrid contact Mbappé as a lobbyist to persuade him to join the French gang and grow again?

Recently, according to Spanish reports, Real Madrid youngster kamavenga has contacted his friend Mbappé . He said he hopes to meet him in the Bernabeu next summer, and Real Madrid’s French gang may grow stronger as a result. Real Madrid’s interest in Mbappé is no secret.

Mbappé ‘s contract with Paris expires in June next year, and whether he and Paris will renew their contract before the end of the season is the key to deciding whether he can leave the team. But now he is less and less likely to renew his contract, and his friend kamavenga has contacted him now, hoping that he will join Real Madrid at the end of the season and become a dual teammate of the club and the national team,After joining Real Madrid at a price of 31 million euros this summer, camavanga has become a major rotation player.

Real Madrid

So far, he has played three games, scored a goal and had an assist, especially in the Champions League against serie a champion Inter Milan. Camavanga sent an assist in just 10 minutes, and Rodrigo completed the final kill. Such performance has also won everyone’s praise, and his prospect in the team is also widely optimistic. It is imperative to change the blood of Real Madrid’s midfield next season, and he is highly likely to become the main force.

Since camavanga was selected into the French team in 2020, due to his age, he has a good relationship with Mbappé , who is also relatively young. He has made such a good start in Real Madrid. He also hopes that his friend Mbappé will not go wrong when joining Real Madrid and can meet him in the Bernabeu. Therefore, kamavenga spontaneously became a “lobbyist” of Real Madrid. He contacted Mbappé and expressed his wish to have his friends join Real Madrid. Mbappé was also very excited about kamavenga’s invitation.

Real Madrid’s “French Gang” has always been relatively strong. Last season, Benzema, varane and Mendi left varane and camavanga arrived this season, while Benzema will leave when his contract expires next season. In this case, camavanga naturally hopes that new compatriots will come next season, Mbappé is naturally the best candidate, and Real Madrid may also introduce bogba. His contract with Manchester United is about to expire. Next season, Real Madrid’s “French Gang” is likely to grow again.

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