It was revealed that Paris gave Mbappe a five-year contract with an annual salary of 36 million euros

In the summer of 2021, Messi left La Liga for a long time and then went to Paris, France. The news of his transfer also caused an “earthquake” in football. All of a sudden, great Paris gathered three top strikers, Messi, neishao and Mbappe, and their combination is also called MNM. But it didn’t last long. Just after MNM didn’t have a good scene, there was a sudden news that Mbappe was trying to leave, and Paris was also trying to keep the big man. Now there is news: Paris has given Mbappe a five-year contract, and the negotiations between the two sides are progressing smoothly. He may not leave.

According to the reporter Skira, the two giants of helefe and Leonardo provided Mbappe with a five-year contract. At the same time, they also offered an annual salary of 36 million euros, which is the same super high salary as neishao. You know, Paris is hard enough. The player configuration of the rich family itself is very tall. In addition, they also have to feed three top leaders, Messi, neishao and Mbappe, so their salary expenditure in one year is very huge, but the team is willing to open an annual salary of 36 million euros, which has attached great importance to Mbappe.


Earlier, Mbappe had been arguing about leaving Paris and refused several contract renewals, but this time there was a turnaround. According to the Parisian newspaper, Mbappe’s mother, Lamari, has confirmed that his son Mbappe is negotiating with Paris and told you the details of “smooth progress of the negotiations”. According to Lamari’s memory, she also had exchanges with Leonardo, and Mbappe is negotiating with the team, and the two sides are progressing very smoothly. Since Mbappe’s mother confirmed the rumor, there is no small chance that Mbappe will stay.

Mbappe’s mother Lamari also talked about many details about the negotiations. Lamari said that she and her son are very grateful to Paris. They both hope to bring transfer fee income to the team at the same time of transfer, which is also one of the important reasons why Mbappe is unwilling to become a free agent. At the same time, she also said that Mbappe had long wanted to go to Real Madrid for development, but now the two sides have conducted negotiations and are relatively smooth, so she does not rule out the possibility of Mbappe remaining in the team. MNM group staying in Paris will naturally become a nightmare for other French teams.

Some time ago, de Zhuan updated the value of football players, and Mbappe once again led with 160 million euros. At the same time, he also got 91 points in the “fifa22” game. In addition, the boss has 176 games, 133 goals and 65 amazing data in Paris. Now he has formed a frightening MNM combination with Messi and neishao. Paris should not let Mbappe go if it wants to dominate the French league and the Champions League. On the whole, the negotiation between Mbappe and the team is relatively smooth, so he is unlikely to stay in Paris. I hope this guy can stay and continue to fight in Paris.

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