Locked Mbappe! Real Madrid president himself admitted

September 26: When exactly will Real Madrid sign Mbappe? This has always been a stone in the hearts of Real Madrid fans. Recently, some Real Madrid fans stopped Real Madrid president Florentino’s car on the road. The aging Real Madrid president was also asked this question, but Florentino gave a response that finally put the stone in the hearts of the fans. He said the time to sign Mbappe is next year.

You know, Florentino generally do not easily promise to the fans, and what he promised can often be achieved in the future. This summer Real Madrid had to send several offers to Paris Saint-Germain for Mbappe, but all of them were rejected without exception.

The offer also rose from the original 160 million euros to 180 million or even 200 million euros, but it failed to impress the Ligue 1 team. Eventually Mbappe was not able to join Real Madrid in this summer window, Florentino said to the public, Paris chairman Nasser refused the offer is too barbaric, a time for him also can not accept.


In recent years, Real Madrid president Florentino has been conscious of maintaining good relations with Paris. Its main purpose is still for the future in the signing of Mbappe, the big Paris side can not set obstacles. But it is clear that the current situation is a slip of the tongue for Paris. Knowing that Mbappe still has one year left in his contract, but Real Madrid still sent a high offer, which is their respect to Paris. But it is clear that Paris does not care about this, they want to directly impact the Champions League, so they forced to stay Mbappe a year. When next summer, Mbappe will become a free agent, so that Real Madrid will have the opportunity to sign him free in the transfer market.

At this time Florentino assured the fans that Mbappe will definitely be brought next year, which is certainly determined and Real Madrid has made all the relevant preparations. Since the loss of C Luo in the summer of 18 years, Real Madrid does not have a real sense of the top star in the team.

For Florentino, who has always established the concept of superstars for his team in the commercial market, this is something he cannot accept. But the team has not been able to carry the burden of the successive introduction of stars such as Azar, so the title of Real Madrid’s top star has been empty. And Florentino is ready to let this title shine again in the next summer. Mbappe is the perfect candidate.

It is worth mentioning that Mbappe, as a representative player of the child royal dream, he is also very loyal to Real Madrid. In the previous had rejected the contract extension offered by Paris Saint-Germain six times. Including a staggering salary of 41 million euros after tax, Mbappe proved to the world that the dream of a child is unstoppable and cannot be buried even with a lot of money. And in the recently concluded Ligue 1, Mbappe kept complaining to his teammate Gueye after coming off the field that Neymar was not passing him the ball on the field.

With the strong play of Benzema and other stars, Real Madrid is riding high on two fronts. And by next summer, Real Madrid will have another lineup upgrade. The company’s newest product will be a new product that will make the Galaxy even more unstoppable. What do you think about Mbappe’s imminent joining?

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