Mansour’s comments were actually a smokescreen? Mbappe was mispaid

Not long ago, a number of English media reported that Manchester City will join the competition with Real Madrid for Mbappe, they said Mansour gave deadly orders for the team to make sure they sign the French star during the winter break this summer, Manchester City has missed Harry Kane, and the team is therefore deep in a strange circle of attacking disadvantage.

This season, City has been very bright in the windy game, beating Norwich and Arsenal 5-0 both showed their strong ability to abuse. However, against Tottenham Hotspur, Leicester City and Southampton, City scored only one goal in total, which is extremely inefficient. Mansour wanted to sign Mbappe this time, mostly to give Guardiola one last chance —— after getting the French star, if City still can’t win the Champions League, then the Spaniard’s journey to the Etihad Stadium should come to an end.

However, after the 1-0 defeat to Chelsea, the object of this transfer is also quietly changed. According to English journalists, Manchester City’s pursuit of Mbappe is just a smokescreen, and their real target will be Borussia Dortmund’s Harland in the Bundesliga. The Norwegian player has been in great form this season, collecting seven goals and three assists in five appearances, and his average of two goals per game is making many giants look at him.


In order to get this player, Manchester City is also made a multifaceted plan, rumors of Mbappe is only one of the links, they hope to be able to reduce the media attention on their pursuit of Harland. If they can get Harland during the winter break, City is willing to pay Dortmund around 150 million euros, which is a rather attractive offer. You know, Harland’s contract with Dortmund will be reduced to 75 million euros next summer, and selling him for double the price half a season earlier is really a good deal for Dortmund.

In fact, Manchester City really needs a player like Harland more than Mbappe. Therefore, the previous talk of Mansour wanting to sign Mbappe at any cost is basically a smoke screen. First of all, the Norwegian is a pure winger, while Mbappe’s preferred position is on the wing.

At Manchester City, Mbappe is in a similar position to England star Sterling, while a player of Harland’s type is not available. Although Guardiola is not too fond of using wingers, it has to be admitted that previously when Aguero was still at City, he would have been the main player for City as long as he was in good physical condition and could listen to the arrangements made by Guardiola.

Secondly, Mbappe’s own will also discouraged City. As we all know, Mbappe is a Real Madrid fan, and his biggest wish to leave Paris Saint-Germain is to land at the Bernabeu. In this case, Manchester City is afraid that it is still difficult to compete with Real Madrid, after all, Mbappe gave up the world’s highest salary contract extension given by Paris Saint-Germain for the dream of the children. Unlike Harland, who will not mind if he ends up joining one of Manchester United, Manchester City or Real Madrid as long as he is willing to give enough salary and signing fee.

However, Manchester City would like to complete the transfer during the winter break, but neither Borussia Dortmund nor Harland are willing to complete the transfer at this time. Borussia Dortmund, who have the best chance of winning the Bundesliga this season, have started the season perfectly with the excellent play of Harland, and are now only 4 points behind Bayern Munich at the top of the table.

If Harland leaves during the winter break, then their title bid will basically be over. On the other hand, this year is also the most promising year for Harland to win the Golden Boot of Bundesliga, which he has never won before due to the existence of Leiva. There is no doubt that if he can get a Golden Boot, then his price will also rise and he will get a richer contract next. In other words, if Manchester City want to take Harland during the winter break, they will have to pay a higher price than signing him next summer.

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