Mbappe angrily complained to his teammates after being replaced: Neymar didn’t pass me the ball

Paris Saint-Germain defeated Montpellier 2-0 at home in Parc des Princes in the 8th round of Ligue 1 that ended on September 26. Despite reaching 8 consecutive league victories, there was a discordant scene in the match for the big Paris. From the footage exposed by French authoritative media Canal+ TV, French talent Mbappe, after being replaced, crossed his feet on the bench and complained to his teammate Geyer about Brazilian superstar Neymar not giving him a pass.

In this game, Lionel Messi continued to miss the game due to injury, but both Neymar and Mbappe were in the starting lineup. Unfortunately, both of them did not score and missed many chances in this game. Neymar played the whole game, completed three shots, no goals, but sent an assist, while Mbappe completed five shots, but also did not score a goal.


Mbappe was replaced in the 88th minute of the match. With nothing to show for the game, this obviously affected Mbappe’s mood. According to the footage captured by Canal+ live. Sitting on the bench, he previously put one foot up and complained about Neymar to his teammate Gueye beside him, “He didn’t pass me the ball.”

The French media outlet said the two Paris stars missed several good chances in the game and appeared to be in conflict over team interests and personal interests, and it remains to be seen if there is a chance of reconciliation between the two sides. In any case, if Neymar and Mbappe really have problems, then hopefully they can be solved as soon as possible, after all, the next big Paris is about to usher in the Champions League and Manchester City key battle, the team urgently need Mbappe, Neymar cooperation in order to hope to retreat the enemy.

If the two superstars are still in a state of “infighting” and fighting on their own, even if Lionel Messi is about to return, the total value of nearly 900 million euros, they are afraid that it is difficult to beat the powerful Manchester City at home.

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