Messi first spoke about the relationship with the Neymar, Mbappe.

Lionel Messi shared that Paris Saint-Germain and your relationship with Neymar and Kylian Mbappe will be better when they’ve been played together more than emotional Messi expressed after he scored the first victory for the PS0s in Manchester-City. The slow start of the Argentina players at the beginning of the season.

The M30 has been unsuccessful in the first three times since joined the PSG after we left Barcelona. But when I fought the Man City of Pep Guardiola, I reminded people of my real talent.
After a quiet round, little religion has been yanked down by Mbappe and you take the ball to the height of the goal to seal the victory at 74 in a minute.

“I’m glad I scored a desk- Messi said, back on the field after sitting outside two fights with the purple knee -deep inside. “I don’t play many games lately. There’s only one battle in Parc des Princes. This is my second game here. I’m starting to adjust to a new team, with my teammates.
The more we play together with the Neymar and the Mbappe. We all have to grow together, raise our way. PSG played well. We have to do our best and keep doing it.”

Your table makes the audience in the park the princes happy and makes manager Mauricio Pochettino with a beautiful celebration. I’ve spent 20 years watching him play the table from the opponent’s side and this is the first time Messi scored the team that I trained, so I had to celebrate… Pochettino laughing “You need to watch this performance. He needs to create a new link in the team after twenty years in Barcelona. Messi is feeling different, there’s a lot of new feelings for him.”

Coach of Man City, Pep Guardiola, who trained Messi in Barcelona for five 2008-2012, tells me your team played well but couldn’t keep an eye on players like Mbappe, and Neymar in check on them. The only way I know- there’s actually two ways, is to defend and pray; Second of all, there’s shadow and imagination and that’s what we’ve done. But we have to create more, and more vivid than eight 221;.

I hope the Spanish Army talks about old school, 82222;I wish Messi the best, I hope that he’s happy and enjoyed it here, he made me very happy when we were together.”
Neymar ends the most on the PSG side with three kicks, all cut the city. And Mbappe didn’t have a chance, but still leaves the mark on the road to make Gana Gueye a Gueye start, then create a victory.

This game, Man City’s end three times more than PSG, but the Pep Guardiola teacher still has to go back to the white hand. They’re dropping three points to three-point than two leaders are PSG Club and Brugge.

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