Messi, Neymar and the Mbappe cause fever with a welcome shirt

Shining on the next two-0 victory in Man City, the three Messi, Neymar and the Mbappe took off a tuxedo in the dressing room and posted on society that made the fans very exciting fans.
As the expectations of the fan, Lionel Messi lit up with a winning table at the minute 74 to help Paris Saint Germain (PSG) define 2-00-0-0-Man in the second column of A.A.A. League.

This goal helps Messi go into Champions League‘s history when “shooting” in one of the next season in Europe’s most prestigious arena. According to Opta, Messi scored two points after 35 encountered the British football team at Champions League. It’s an exclusive Messi record, when you’re more than a 15 to a simulation.

Messi’s triumph is a beautiful combination between you and the Mbappe, before you release the shot by the foot of the environment, turning into Ederson “stand” looking at the net. That’s why Messi, Neymar and the Mbappe took off their shirts together in the dressing room.

 MbappeThe former director of Barcelona posted this photo on Instagram page has reached 269’s lap followed by his favorite uncle: “I’m glad to win in such a difficult fight and have scored my first goal to the club. I hope there’s a lot of better things to go to marquis! ”

The image quickly receives more than 10-million preferences than eight 0000’s comment on fans, most fans are always splitting up fun and expressing their admiration to the memory of the Argentinian.

It’s a coincidence that both Neymar and the Mbappe also uploaded the same picture as the man on their personal page, even, the Mbappe also shares the celebrated photo with you like, “A great win.” “The three M-N-M-M crushed all the rumors that they couldn’t get along as the press blew up during the time.

Not just scored, Messi for the first time left a very funny moment when he joined the stone fence by lying down behind four players. After the match, Neymar didn’t hesitate to insult Messi when he uploaded the photo of his dear brother who was lying on the fence and I liked, “What’s he doing?”, with a lot of smiling icons.

Although, this moment of the Argentina has a lot of opinion on the wrong side, when Rio Ferdinand thinks that with the level of Messi, you don’t have to do this, you should be saving other players in PSG. However, Messi only cares about helping the team win and willing to sacrifice what I’m personal to my new club.

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