Mbape humiliated Barcelona and failed to raise the price of Real Madrid in Paris

Mbappe Real Madrid: Recently, according to a French report, Paris Saint Germain had hoped to open the transfer negotiations with Barcelona in the winter window, so that Real Madrid, which has poached mbappe for many years, will face fierce competition. However, mbappe refused to go to Barcelona, which bankrupt Paris’s plan, but Paris will continue to try to sell mbappe to the Premier League teams, But the initiative is still in mbape’s own hands.

Mbape almost set off the last “nuclear explosion” in the transfer market in the summer. Real Madrid made a continuous offer to mbape in the last few days of the summer window. At the beginning, 150 million euros were rejected by Paris, and at the last moment, it was raised to crazy 200 million euros. However, Paris still rejected Real Madrid. Later, Leonardo said lightly “Real Madrid’s offer did not meet our expectations.” finally, mbape was not able to join Real Madrid in the summer window.

Mbappe real madrid

Mbape’s contract has only the last year left and will expire in June next year. Paris hopes to urgently reach a renewal with mbape, but the French golden boy’s position in the team has been affected after Messi’s arrival and does not intend to renew his contract with Paris. He and Real Madrid are “happy with each other” in private , this also makes Paris have to face the problem: whether to wait for his free transfer next summer or sell him early when the winter window opens in January.

However, the contact between Paris and Real Madrid this summer has rapidly deteriorated the relationship between the two sides. They do not want to sell mbape to Real Madrid. Even if they sell to Real Madrid, they do not want them to succeed so smoothly. Paris hopes that other giants will intervene in the competition, and Barcelona is their most desired goal. After Messi and grizman were released this summer, Barcelona’s economic pressure has been reduced It eases a lot, so Paris wants Barcelona to intervene in the competition of mbape and let Real Madrid suffer

Unfortunately, when Barcelona just saw the hope, mbape did not give the former European overlord any chance at all. He refused to negotiate with Barcelona. Mbape’s reason is that he is not suitable for Barcelona. Moreover, Barcelona’s strength has declined significantly after Messi’s departure, and the economic pressure is also great.

Mbape hopes that those who join can compete for all Championships In his opinion, Barcelona is not such a team. For Barcelona, mbape’s expression is almost a humiliation to the team. For Paris, after La Basa’s entry failure, it will target several teams in the Premier League, including Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea, which have the strongest purchasing power in the Premier League.

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