Roten: I appreciate that mbape mocked his opponents after winning the game and talked about humility on the football field

September 24, 2012 – In Paris Saint-Germain‘s 2-1 win over Metz, Ashraf completed the shutout in the 95th minute. After the victory, Mbappe had a little scuffle with the opponent’s goalkeeper Odedaka, and some media speculated that Mbappe taunted the opponent first, thus triggering his displeasure. Metz manager Antonetti even criticized Mbappe after the match to be more humble.

The former Paris Saint-Germain player Roten came out to speak for Mbappe in an interview with RMC Sport recently, saying he appreciated his approach and stressed that there is no need to talk about humility on the soccer field.


The way Mbappe ‘mocked’ his opponent after the match? I appreciate it. I think that’s the nature of soccer. It’s a tight game, you want to win, you want to do better than your opponent, so when you win, you get the capital to ‘taunt’ your opponent. In that situation, it’s your true feelings that come out and you just want to mock your opponent.

Yes, I think at that time Mbappe showed his arrogant side. There’s no need for Antonetti to talk about humility, there’s no need to care about that on the soccer field, so why don’t we analyze Antonetti’s every move throughout his career to see if he was humble enough before?”

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