The highest salary in the world! The Mbappe family inherited it

Recently, Real Madrid and Paris have had a close fight over Mbappe! Since Mbappe’s interview, both sides have tried to overwhelm their opponents in the situation in public. However, it’s hard to say who has the initiative now. Although Mbappe said in the interview that he had long wanted to leave the team and only Real Madrid, Paris is still making final efforts! In order to keep Mbappe, Paris even did not hesitate to lay down again and shorten the contract renewal period. In addition, in terms of salary, it was improved again! If Mbappe agrees to renew his contract, the 22-year-old will have the highest salary in the world.

Real Madrid

According to sources, in January next year, Mbappe will be able to officially contact other clubs, but Paris still has not given up. At the negotiating table of Mbappe, Paris executives sent him a sky high salary contract. Although the specific amount was not disclosed, people familiar with the matter said that the contract would far exceed the annual salary of Messi and Neymar! You know, Messi’s annual salary this season is 30 million euros, and the next two seasons will be as high as 40 million euros, which is still after tax! If the source is correct, Mbappe’s pre tax salary is at least about 45 million.

It can be said that such a sky high price contract is undoubtedly a heavy bomb! For Mbappe, although joining Real Madrid is his dream, he is still young and it is not impossible to stay in Paris for another 1-2 years. What’s more, there is such a high salary. It is worth mentioning that recently,Mbappe’s mother Faiza Lamari personally admitted the incident in an interview. Mbappe’s mother said: Yes, his father wants him to stay, and we are negotiating. In addition to keMbappe’s mother, Paris coach pochettino also revealed some information about the future of keMbappe.

Pocetino said that I always think the club is very firm. Our idea is that Mbappe will continue to be with us! Based on this situation, it can be seen that the renewal of the previous contract in Paris is not just oral, but in progress. For Paris, this is obviously good news, but for Real Madrid, it is obviously a little unprepared or even silly. In Real Madrid’s vision, it is basically believed that Mbappe’s joining is a matter of hand. Who knows that Paris is going to be broken now. Even with money, it will smash Mbappe to stay!

In view of this situation, Real Madrid can only expect Mbappe to stick to himself and wait for the coming of next summer. In fact, if Real Madrid can’t sign Mbappe this summer, the team won’t have much loss, and even some joy. Mbappe’s renewal means that Real Madrid did not give up Mbappe, but Mbappe chose to give up. Real Madrid will have an excuse to pursue Harland! Moreover, after catching up with Harland, in the next few years, when Mbappe’s contract expires again, Real Madrid can still sign him if they are still interested. Therefore, such a situation will only surprise Real Madrid and will not make it angry.

In Real Madrid’s vision, Mbappe is indeed one of the cornerstones of the future, but this does not mean that the team has to him! Moreover, from the current situation, many celebrities and experts believe that the upper limit of Harland may be higher than Mbappe, and Harland is more suitable for Real Madrid. If Mbappe chooses to stay, Real Madrid’s goal is only Harland, which is not a bad thing for the team. Moreover, let Mbappe experience in Paris for a few more years and see his growth. Real Madrid is also happy. I just don’t know how Paris will choose in the future. After all, if you want to keep Mbappe¬† again in the future with such a high salary, the price will be even greater. At that time, even if Real Madrid doesn’t take action, maybe Mbappe will choose other teams to take on new challenges.

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