The undercurrent of the four giants surged, and Mbappé, Ronaldo and Kane ignited the transfer market

In the last week before the European football transfer market, all teams have gradually accelerated the pace of recruitment, hoping to get their favorite players in the final stage to strengthen the lineup and better impact the goal of the season. At present, European football in the last week is likely to create a super transfer, in which Mbappé, icardi, Ronaldo, Kane and Laporte may become the protagonists, and the four giants Real Madrid, Paris, Manchester City and Juventus are involved.

It is worth mentioning that there is still one year left in Mbappé’s contract. If it is another team, Mbappé’s owner has been passive at this time and needs to sell at a lower price. After all, the player is a free man in Mingxia. However, the big Paris, which is not short of money, is not moved by the 160 million euro offer given by Real Madrid, that is, the huge offer of Real Madrid is given to Mbappé, who has only one-year contract left, but the big Paris still does not let go. However, considering that many Real Madrid offers are likely to start the second round, and Mbappé is determined not to renew his contract, the transfer is still likely to happen.


It’s nothing new for Manchester City to get Kane, but it’s reported that Tottenham will refuse all offers less than 200 million euros, which makes it difficult for the transfer to continue. Manchester City do want the British star and the player himself is pushing for a transfer, but if Tottenham ask too much, Manchester City may give up.

It is reported that the 36 year old Cristiano Ronaldo is not in Juventus’ plan. On the one hand, he is age, high salary and final contract year. Cristiano Ronaldo hopes to go to competitive Manchester City, which does not want to pay a transfer fee. It is likely to join Laporte, who annoys the top management of the club because of his attitude. According to the authoritative media “L’Equipe”, although the transfer is difficult, it is still likely to happen.

Earlier, it was reported that the greater Paris would gather a combination of C Luo, Messi and Neymar. With khalifah bin Hamad al Thani, a member of the Qatari royal family, drying out a group photo of Messi and c Luo wearing a Paris shirt, this also makes this very likely to happen. The premise is that Mbappé leaves the team and the condition for greater Paris to get Ronaldo is to join icardi, who is still young and introduced for 50 million euros. He is familiar with Serie A and is also the player that Juventus want. Realistically speaking, this transfer is too difficult.

It is obvious that Juventus introduced Ronaldo in 2018, which has great commercial returns, but the results are not satisfactory. Ronaldo’s efforts are commendable, but he has not led the team to a breakthrough in the Champions League, which is very key. At the same time, the domestic arena has gradually lost its dominance. So frustrated + not in the team’s future plan, 36 year old Ronaldo really needs to consider his next home.

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